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Jenni's Journeys

My travel adventures & responsible travel experiences

The purpose of this website is to share my travel adventures and responsible travel experiences with fellow travellers. I hope the information and links on this website will assist others to find responsible businesses and organisations that they can use to minimise the impact their travels have on the local people and communities that they visit.


So far, I have only documented my recent journeys in Cambodia. I spent 5 weeks volunteering at Genevieve's Fair Trade Village in Siem Reap in 2018 and I fell in love with the people and culture. My partner Mark & I returned to Siem Reap in 2019 and also did a 1-week cruise down the Mekong River. I am currently planning my next trip, for February 2020. I will be travelling with my sister-in-law, Linda and we want to try and use as many local and ethical organisations as we can during our journey to ensure our tourism dollars have a positive impact for the local people and economy.

Responsible Tourism


Recent research indicates that an increasing number of travellers are seeking more authentic and responsible travel experiences. The Capetown Declaration (2002) identifies seven general characteristics of responsible tourism that governments, tourism authorities, hotel operators, and NGOs from over 20 countries across the globe have pledged to support.


As travellers, we can also support sustainable and responsible tourismResponsible travellers consider the attitudes of residents and value the destinations they visit (CREST, 2018). Simply put, this means respecting the local people and culture of the countries you visit and supporting the local economy by spending your money on locally made products (not cheap imports), in locally owned establishments (e.g. accommodation, restaurants, tour operators) or with organisations that invest in and support local communities (e.g. NGO's, social enterprises, etc.).

Responsible Travel Operators

If planning and arranging a travel itinerary is not your thing, using a responsible tour operator to organise your holiday is a good alternative. With greater public awareness of environmental issues, human rights and working conditions, more tour operators and hoteliers are supporting the move towards responsible tourism (ABTA, 2018). Below are a few companies that clearly identify how they support responsible travel: 

Finding Responsible Tourism Organisations

Finding Responsible Volunteering Opportunities



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