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I am an Australian and I was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales. As a child, my Father took on us many road trips throughout Australia, mostly on outback roads where we camped out in the bush. I think I have travelled on every road you can take between Sydney and Queensland. 

After my Dad retired he bought a campervan and would come and stay with us in Perth for 3 or 4 months every other year. My partner, Mark and I would often fly half-way across Australia to meet him somewhere so that he didn't have to drive all the way across Australia on his own. I have visited all six Australian States and two of the internal Territories (ACT & NT), travelling by road, train and air. Travelling overland by road is a great way to explore this vast country, but you need plenty of time.

Now that I am retired, I have no inclination to become a grey nomad caravaning around Australia. However, Mark and I do like travelling by car and train and so most of our journeys are a combination of fly/drive. On our last Australian trip we flew to Cairns, hired a car and did a one-week road trip around North Queensland. We travelled around the Atherton Tablelands and up to Port Douglas. It was a great trip and we caught up with friends and relatives that we hadn't seen for years.

I hope sharing my travel itineraries here will inspire others to explore our wonderful country and help them to plan their own Australian journeys.

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This website is simply a brief glimpse of what to do and see from my perspective, not an exhaustive list. If I have visited a place and would recommend it, I have included that information in the relevant text. If I have visited a place that I would not recommend, I do not include it on this website. I am aware that there are many more locally owned businesses, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations in the destinations mentioned that I am not familiar with and have not included on this website. Unfortunately, I can not visit them all.

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