My Travel Adventures

A list of my travel adventures in reverse chronological order. This page is primarily for myself so I can access information about all my journeys in one place (e.g. a historical reference of my travels. But if you have any questions I am happy to respond.

Cambodia: Overland tour of Cambodia & Siem Reap (Feb-Mar, 18 days) self-organised

Phnom Penh, Kep, Kampot, Koh Rong Sanleom, Sen Monorom & Siem Reap
(plus an extra 12 nights in Siem Reap volunteering at GFTV). 

Cambodia: Siem Reap & Mekong Cruise (Mar-Apr, 16 days)

8 nights in Siem Reap &
7 night Mekong cruise: Jayavarman, Heritage Line.


Cambodia: Siem Reap (Oct-Nov, 38 days) Volunteering at GFTV

Australia: Queensland (Aug-Sep, 15 days) 7 nights overland Cairns-Atherton Tablelands-Port Douglas -Cape Tribulation-Cairns (car) & 6 nights Brisbane (fly), Kirra, Lismore (drive), Sydney (fly)

Australia: Broome (Apr-May, 7 days) Tara & Nick's wedding (Photos - family ONLY)


Cruise: Pacific Islands (Oct, 11 days) 

Sydney - Santo, Vanuatu - Mystery Island, Vanuatu - Isle of Pines - Noumea - Sydney

2 nights in Sydney


Australia: Brisbane (Sep, 5 days) Conference

Canada: Vancouver & Rocky Mountains (Jun-Jul, 14 days) 8 nights Vancouver (eLearn Conference - 4 days) & 4 night Train/bus tour: Vancouver - Jasper (train) - Banff - Lake Louise - Vancouver (bus)


Australia: Sydney (Dec, 3 days) Jim's 60th

Cruise: Indonesian Explorer Cruise Jun (17 days) Singapore - Semarang - Bali - Komodo Island - Dili - Alotau - Doini Island - Milne Bay - Brisbane. 



Indonesia: Bali (Nov-Dec, 14 days) Visit Jill & Wayne with my brother Dan

Europe: (Jun-Jul, 24 days) Rome-Pisa-Lucca-Sicily (Luisa's 50th), Nice-Paris

Indonesia: Bali (Mar, 5 days) Visit Jill & Wayne

Australia: Gold Coast & Sydney (Jan, 11 days) Michele's 50th & Dan's 50th present  

Australia: Sydney 17 Mar - 22 Mar (6 days)

Australia: Sydney 21 Apr - 25 Apr (5 days) with Mark

Australia: Kirra 27 Jun - 04 Jul (8 days)



Indonesia: Bali (Sep, 8 days) Club Med Nusa Dua

Australia: Sydney & Gold Coast (Nov, 9 days) with Mark

Australia: NSW (Oct, 7 days) Lismore-Taree (Train) Taree-Sydney (drive with Dan) + Mark

Australia: QLD, Brisbane & Kirra (Feb, 7 days) with Mark for Lionel's 90th

Australia: Sydney (Apr, 4 days) with Mark for Dad's 80th at Jim's

2010 &


Australia: Sydney (Apr, 7 days) with Mark

Europe: (Jun-Jul, 26 days) London-Edinburgh-Huddersfield-Paris-Rome-Athens-Paros-Dubai

Australia: QLD, Kirra (Sep, 4 days) with Mark for Shaz's 50th



Australia: Sydney (Sep-Dec) Back & forth while Mum was in the hospital

Europe: (Sep, 17 days) Paris-Lyon-Geneva-Florence-Paris (part of planned itinerary)

Australia: Sydney (Apr, 4 days) with Mark for Dad's 80th at Jim's

USA: West Coast (Mar, 28 days) Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Grand Canyon, Club Med Copper Mountain, Colarado, San Francisco, Monteray, Los Angeles. Mark's 40th birthday.





Club Med Villages:  (1990-1998) Bali, Malaysia, Phuket, Maldive Islands, Mauritius

Hong Kong (1996) 

Thailand: Chang Mai (trekking 3 days, 1992)

Europe (May-Dec 1986, 8 months)

Senegal, North Africa (Dec 1986-May 1986, 5 months)

Maldive Islands (Feb-Nov 1985, 9 months)

New Caledonia (Sep 1984-Feb 1985, 5 months)

Indonesia; Bali (1983) With Mum, Gail, Jim, Dan etc.

Fiji (Feb 1981, 7 days) Honeymoon with Perry



Cruise: New Caledonia-Fiji (Dec 1976) End of high school celebration with Michelle

Asia: (1974) Phuket, Hong Kong, Macau, Manilla. With Mum, Gail & Dan

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This website is simply a brief glimpse of what to do and see from my perspective, not an exhaustive list. If I have visited a place and would recommend it, I have included that information in the relevant text. If I have visited a place that I would not recommend, I do not include it on this website. I am aware that there are many more locally owned businesses, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations in the destinations mentioned that I am not familiar with and have not included on this website. Unfortunately, I can not visit them all.

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